In Office Teeth Whitening

You’ve seen beautiful smiles plastered all over Instagram. How do all those people get a smile as bright as porcelain china? You don’t have to wonder anymore. In-office teeth whitening might just be the solution you need for a better smile. Dr. Rhonda Company and Dr. Andrea Company, in Canton, OH can help make your smile Instagram-envious.

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

Your teeth start out beautifully white as a toddler, but over time, as your adult teeth grow, there are a number of reasons why they become discolored. 

Coffee, tea, and wine are big culprits. The color pigments in these drinks attach to the enamel of the teeth, causing them to lose their luster. 

Tobacco use leads to dark stains due to tar and nicotine. These two agents are disastrous for your teeth, turning them yellow and dingy.

Age plays a factor. Underneath your top layer of tooth enamel is a softer layer called dentin. As the enamel of your teeth wears away over time, the natural yellowish-colored dentin beneath shows more prominently. 

Medications are teeth stainers. Many medications like antihistamines, and antipsychotics, or even high blood pressure meds cause discoloration. If your mom took tetracycline when she was pregnant with you, it may have caused teeth discoloration in your teeth, too. 

Injuries and tooth trauma can cause discoloration. The loss of blood flow to a tooth’s root can cause discoloration if you’ve been injured.

Do At-Home Whitening Treatments Work?

There are many teeth whitening treatments available at home, but some may not be the fastest, best, or healthiest for your smile. Here are a few common remedies:

  • Whitening Strips 
  • Teeth whitening pens
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste
  • Home whitening kits

What About Home Whitening Kits?

Hydrogen-peroxide-based teeth whitening systems can change the protein inside your teeth’s dentin layer, according to research conducted by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This protein-rich tooth layer keeps your teeth healthy and strong. If you’re going to try a home-whitening system, it’s best to go for one that uses an alternative ingredient or seek in-office treatment with a dentist.

In-Office Whitening Treatments Better?

In-office whitening treatments are much stronger than at-home whitening treatments. They can be applied in less than an hour and provide long-lasting results without multiple trays, toothpaste, or strips that must be applied over time. The results are also better since the solution penetrates deeper into the teeth.

Can I Schedule a Whitening Appointment Right Away?

You don’t have to wait for your next regularly scheduled dental appointment or cleaning to get the whitest smile possible. You can schedule an appointment immediately to see how much better your smile can be.

To schedule a dental appointment for a bright, white new smile, contact Drs. Company in Canton, OH at (330) 445-0706.

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